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It is officially bonfire season! (My favorite!)⁣

Who else would love to have this outdoor firepit?
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If you love movies, a home theater might be a great addition to your house! Bonus rooms and basements are good places to create your theater space.

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This year’s biggest fashion trend? Cozy with a capital C! ⁣

If you're like me, the weekends (and your work-from-home weekdays), find you in the comfiest of clothes, relaxing on the couch.⁣

Get surroundings to match with these tips for a super cozy home sweet home this fall.⁣

• If you’re game for painting, chose a warm color. Note: That gray you love is by nature a cool color, so you’ll need to flip to the other side of your paint deck.⁣
• Decorate with old books. Hit up your local thrift store and grab some old hardcover books with sophisticated bindings. Don’t ignore books with paper jackets—there’s often a gem of a cover hiding just beneath.⁣
• Think plaid, texture, and gingham for sofa throws and pillows. While you’re at it, toss a blanket on the foot of your bed for those extra chilly nights.⁣

Take cozy to the next level as the temps drop lower and lower.⁣
Ready to find your own cozy corner of the world? Shoot me a message and let's chat! Once again...all decorating credit and advice go to my wife Michele!
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Thinking about selling but curious if turning your home into a rental makes more financial sense? Fret not! Here are several down-to-earth scenarios to help you make the right call.⁣

• If you need the profits from selling your home to fund your next home, you’ll need to put the brakes on renting—at least for now.⁣
• If a job has you moving out of the area, but think you may be coming back, renting may be the right move—especially if you love your current home. (A word of caution: If you tend to freak out about modest home mishaps, handling strangers in your home may not be for good for you or your nerves.)⁣
• If the rent can cover your mortgage, and you don’t need the profits from selling, renting can be a savvy decision. You just wanna make sure you leave enough wiggle room in the budget for lapse in renters and unexpected repairs.⁣
• If the rumor mill around you is churning out whispers of “higher than asking price” and “multiple offers,” selling may be the way to go. With interest rates so incredibly low, you don’t wanna miss out on all those serious buyers.⁣

Before deciding solo, talk with me and I'll give you the rundown on your neighborhood’s rental and housing market. After all, teamwork makes your dream work! Looking for an agent, give me a call. I’d love to help.
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